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The bonus period for nail art has passed? Product innovation can survive!

Time:2020-02-28   Visits:31

In recent years, with the steady increase in the per capita income of residents, expenditures related to personal development and living enjoyment have grown rapidly, which has brought new opportunities to the nail industry.

So, what is the current status of the nail industry? What about the size of the industry? What are the future trends?

At present, the domestic nail industry can be divided into three parts: nail services, nail products, and nail training.

Nail service

More and more nail practitioners and nail shops have started value-added services such as hand and foot care, eyelashes, makeup, and semi-permanent. Nail services have begun to shift to "meet the beauty demands of female users", while nail shops are turning to mini beauty service stations.

2. Nail Products

In 2017, the market size of nail products has exceeded 15 billion. Getting rid of the white-hot price war in 2016, nail art products traded online and offline both increased significantly in 2017, with online growth exceeding 133% and offline growth exceeding 29%.

3. Nail training

At present, there are more than 10,000 nail training schools in the domestic market. In addition to regular training schools, a number of leading nail art chains have launched efforts to provide nail art service training, as well as provide management education output to small and micro nail art stores. In addition, many new teaching methods have been added, including online tutorial videos, instructor WeChat, or live classes. The nail training market is in a very rapid development phase.

In the domestic market, the nail industry has a clear off-peak season. The peak season of the nail service market is mainly concentrated in January-February and May-September. From January to February, there is China's most important traditional festival, the Spring Festival; from May to September, women are mainly dressed in summer, and nails can be performed on hands and feet. In these two stages, the opportunity for women to show nail art is much higher than at other times, and the resulting demand has driven the entire nail art service market. Correspondingly, the peak season of the nail products market is from March to September.

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