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How long can patch nails last

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How to paste a nail art without bubbles

If you are a rookie, it is not always easy to make nail art yourself, especially for patch nail art. You can have bubbles if you stick it wrong, so you have to start over. So how does patch manicure stick without bubbles?

1. First trim the nails with nail inlays, then gently remove the top layer of nails with a nail scrub board.

2. Then rub the angle of the fake nail sheet with a rubbing board, and then paste it on the nail sheet with special glue.

3. After that, paste the nail clip with glue on your nails, and then press gently for a while.

It should be noted that the amount of glue must be controlled. If the amount of glue is small, air bubbles will be generated. In addition, the squeeze is too strong, and the glue will flow into the nail groove and the finger core.

Can patch nails be made for a long time?

Do not make nails for a long time, whether it is patch nails, phototherapy nails, or Barbie nails, otherwise nails may be damaged. Let's find out why patch nail art cannot be done for a long time.

If you want to stick artificial nails, you must polish your nails. After the nail surface is thinned, the nails will lose their protective layer, and their ability to resist acid and alkaline substances will be weakened.

In addition, nails may be damaged when removing nails from nails, and they will encounter extremely strong glue. During the process of removing artificial nails, the nails will also be peeled off. At this time, fungi will easily invade. That causes onychomycosis. Therefore, MMs should not do willful nail art.

How to take off nail polish

Patch nails are generally unloaded in 3-4 days. Don't be reluctant to do MM, but how to remove them? Let's get together.

1. Tear off the cotton pads, then soak these cotton pads in nail remover water.

2, then put the cotton pads on the nail surface, be sure to fully cover the nail surface.

3. Immediately wrap the nails with tin foil, wait for 10-20 minutes, then tear the tin foil, and wipe the nail surface with a cotton pad.

How to maintain patch nails

Don't want patch nail art to "sacrifice" prematurely, you must do maintenance work. Others can pretend to force up, and when it can be planted, you can pretend to force it, and don't plant it. Well, not much to say, the nail care protection patch patch is released below, come and feel it.

1. If there is really no way to not do household chores, then put on a set of actions, especially washing clothes and various dishes.

2. Do not touch irritating liquids. Do not touch various acidic and alkaline solutions.

3. Do not use a good manicure to open hard objects such as bottle caps. This will damage the nail nails and make the nails easily bend.

4. Do not use your nails to scratch the wall or scrape something. This will not only make your nails breed bacteria, but also stain your nail art.

How long can patch nails last

How long can patch nails last? Generally, KEEP with solid nails is good for 1-2 weeks. If you often go to the field to grow vegetables, you need to stay a little bit. SO, how long can patch nails last?

In general, nails should not stay on the fingers for too long, which is about a week.

So no matter if your patch nails are spent after one week, you must firmly remove them. And if your KEEP is not very good, the patch nails will fade or flower out the next day, you can use some nail polish of the same color to fill.

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